the Delicate Botanicals collection

the Delicate Botanicals collection

Introducing the Delicate Botanicals modern jewelry collection from Wraptillion! This collection was inspired by thin tendrils of vines, ephemeral blossoms, and the strikingly easy-to-wear style you expect from Wraptillion. The small earrings and bib- and y-style necklaces are perfect for the office and beyond, topping off your professional outfit with a hint of your own personal style.

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Figuring out what to wear for a nontraditional wedding or a job interview in a creative field? Want to show the world that you love design and support artists and small businesses like mine? Don’t throw out your favorite black dress or that suit that fits perfectly, just add an edgy touch of your own style that still looks chic!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your evolving personal style, even if you work somewhere that isn’t ready for rainbow hair or tattoo sleeves, this is the collection for you. It’s strong, striking, and ready for anything. Just like you.

PS After that, try the purple hair — it’ll suit you.

Amazingly, these organic patterns are created by linking stainless steel engineering hardware together with titanium, using chainmaille techniques. It’s all done with hand tools in my studio near Seattle. No sweatshops (though it can get a little warm in summer!), just an artisan jewelry bringing her unique vision to the world. Modern industrial design meets old-school slow craftsmanship, each link joined after another. (And if you wondered why this costs more than jewelry from the mall, that’s why.)

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