Industrial Glass Rainbows: the Tripled Rainbow Earrings

Close cropped modeled photo of Wraptillion's Tripled Rainbow Earrings with a dark gray top

Wraptillion’s Tripled Rainbow Earrings are simple, yet stunning modern dangle earrings that will bring sparkle and color to your casual Friday outfit, date night look, or weekend errands run. Let your pride and your love of color shine, whether you’re headed to the office or out somewhere fun!

Wraptillion's modern Tripled Rainbow Earrings in a flatlay next to green fringe flowers and primroses and blue forget-me-nots.

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Wraptillion's Tripled Rainbow Earrings (modern silver-tone linked circle dangle earrings) on a white background
still image from a video clip of Wraptillion's Tripled Rainbow Earrings modeled, showing movement
4 photos of Wraptillion's Tripled Rainbow Earrings form a grid, including a close cropped modeled photo and a photo with blue and green flowers. Text on image reads: let your inner rainbow shine

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A ceramic bud vase of red begonia flowers sits on a stack of metal boxes, next to a jewelry stand with Wraptillion's modern Tripled Rainbow Earrings, Alternating Rainbow Earrings, and Cascading Rainbow Earrings. Another ceramic bud vase with bluebells, poppies, fringe flowers, and euphorbia sits nearby in a studio.
Wraptillion's Cascading Rainbows Earrings, Alternating Rainbows Earrings, and Tripled Rainbow Earrings amid a botanical rainbow of flowers, including: red begonias, orange, cream, and yellow poppies, green hellebores, primroses, and fringe flowers, bluebells and forget-me-nots, purple columbines and primroses, and coral lewisia, in a visually satisfying flatlay.
Cropped photo of artist Kelly Jones wearing Wraptillion's modern linked circle Cascading Rainbow Earrings with a black and white top.