seasonal color palette for spring

My studio workspace, with open laoptio displaying a color paletter, orchid Dendrobium 'Green Flash,' and a variety of Wraptillion's Small Circle Earrings in various colors hanging on a jewelry stand..

The closer we get to spring, the more I’m dreaming of color… Smokey lavender purple, pale icy blue, sage green, dark denim blue… I love my black and gray looks, but I always want a touch more color in spring.

A color palette grid in nine colors: light blue, sage green, light gray, medium blue, golden yellow, medium gray, dark denim blue, smokey lavender purple, black.

So, I’ve added a couple of limited edition seasonal colors to my classic Small Circle Earrings‘ color palette: meet Chartreuse Green and Lavender Purple! (Scroll down in my shop to see them — they’re below the black pair.)

Wraptillion's modern small circle earrings in limited seasonal color chartreuse green.
Wraptillion's modern small circle earrings in limited seasonal color lavender purple.

These new colors won’t stay in stock forever — I need to make room for the next season. So if you love them, check them out now!

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PS Just here for my studio flowers? This gorgeous orchid is Dendrobium ‘Green Flash’ — it’s been a reliable bloomer for me for years! I bought mine from Seattle Orchid.

Potted green and purple orchid: Dendrobium 'Green Flash' in bloom.