Wraptillion’s laboratory sale

Photo of early Wraptillion jewelry in black / copper / steel; text on image reads: Wraptillion's laboratory is closed. Sign up for next time!


The latest secret laboratory sale has finished.

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Mid-November, I’ll be trying something new: inviting you into my laboratory for an online studio sample sale to see (and buy!) some of my early work.

who: email list subscribers only (since these pieces are limited, often one-of-a-kind!) (sign up here!)

what: Wraptillion’s Secret Laboratory Sale (an online sample sale of early prototypes, discontinued designs, and other experimental work, priced to sell)

where: you’ll receive an invite from me (info@wraptillion.com) with a link to access the sale when it opens

when: November 12-14, 2021 (Pacific time)

why: so fans of my work can see and enjoy these pieces! (and to make room for new designs…)

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Photo shows a collection of black, silver, and copper jewelry; text at bottom of image reads: coming soon: secret sample sale! (for email subscribers only)