Professional Outfit Template: Classic Pieces, Unexpected Outfit

Classic Pieces, Unexpected Outfit

Professional Style Template: Classic Pieces, Unexpected Outfit

1. Pussy Bow Blouse / 2. Cashmere Wrap Cardigan / 3. Graduated Bracelet / 4. ‘Bandoleer’ Crossbody Bag / 5. Driving Shoes / 6. Jacquard Floral Skirt
For a professional style outfit that’s always classic, but never boring: mix and match classic pieces in a whole new way! Choose several neutrals, like bronze, gray, and brown, or stick to one color family, like green, to keep it cohesive. Combine at least one piece with an interesting print or detail, like this jacquard pencil skirt, with supporting pieces, like this wrap cardigan. Then get creative with classic accessories (like my Graduated Bracelet and these driving shoes) you don’t usually wear together. You’ll build an office-appropriate outfit that fits your style.
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