studio flowers: paperwhites in bud

Studio vignette: a photo of a white desk in front of a white curtain, with a stack of metal boxes, a glass cylinder vase of forced paperwhite narcissus bulbs growing in rocks and water, showing green buds and white roots, a black leaf dish holding Wraptillion's spiky modern chainmail Wisteria Bracelet, and a welded steel jewelry stand with Wraptillion's abstract modern botanical statement earrings: the Trellis Earrings, Garland Earrings, and Rose Window Earrings.

Today’s view from the desk in my studio: the paperwhite narcissus I planted last month are in bud now, hooray! (Well, except for a couple of bulbs that are lagging behind… Pretty sure I’ll appreciate those studio flowers in January, though!) (Shown with the Trellis Earrings, Garland Earrings, Rose Window Earrings, and Wisteria Bracelet — I’ve been working on the modern botanical-inspired Mechanical Garden collection — how fitting!)

I’ve loved watching them grow, roots twining around rocks in their minimalist glass vase, like some kind of modern industrial lab version of a botanical illustration.

Next year, I’ll have to remember force a few pots in succession, so I can enjoy these fragrant narcissus from November through February. They’re one of my favorite ways to brighten up my workspace and bring some life and greenery in for the winter!

Want to bring some beauty into your day too? Here’s how I planted these paperwhite narcissus forcing bulbs, and what they looked like as they grew.

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