studio flowers: forcing winter bulbs + a sneak peek

Studio vignette: a white desk in front of a white curtain, with a sneak peek of Wraptillion's jewelry piece in process with pliers, engineering components, and titanium jump rings, next to leopard reading glasses, a jewelry stand with Wraptillion's spiky abstract statement Garland Earrings and a cylindrical glass vase with black rocks and paperwhite narcissus bulbs just beginning to sprout
view from my workspace: paperwhite narcissus bulbs & my Garland Earrings, with a very early sneak peek at a new design possibility

This week’s studio flowers are just starting to grow — I picked up some paperwhite narcissus bulbs from my local nursery and started forcing them in a shallow glass vase.

I love the organic, sculptural forms of bulbs growing up through pebbles and glass — I enjoy them almost as much as the flowers!

They’re already inspiring me, too — I’m starting to play with some narcissus-inspired design options for my Mechanical Garden collection. No idea when (or if) they’ll come into bloom — it can take weeks, months, even years to find the perfect combination. Sometimes the components I use just can’t be engineered into a particular form with chainmail techniques and tension alone, and since I prefer articulated jewelry with some movement, I don’t solder them into place. But here’s a sneak peek, so you can see where my design process often starts!

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