how to display your jewelry in your home, part 2

how to display your jewelry in your home, part 2

I choose my jewelry the same way I buy art: I love it and want it to be part of my life. When I’m not wearing it, I like to style it as home decor, to add a touch of shine and something special to a bedroom shelf, dresser, or even my home office studio. Here are three more suggestions for how to enjoy art jewelry in your home.

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4. In a picture frame

Best if: you’d like to use wall space or vertical space, and you want your art jewelry displayed like art

To display these earrings, I took the glass out of a simple modern frame, added a paper background, and stretched picture wire through small drilled holes. I’ve also added tiny nails or hooks to display necklaces and bracelets this way.

Pro tip: This one sits on a shelf in my studio, but they’re easy to hang on a wall. The simple, clean look would make a great addition to a gallery wall!

Shown, l to r, top to bottom: the Rose Window Earrings, the Small Concentric Ring Earrings, the Garland Earrings, and the Overlapping Earrings

5. A few pieces at a time

Best if: you have a large art jewelry collection, but love minimal style and simple, clean home decor

A storage chest with cork-lined drawers keeps my Garland Earrings and Garland Bracelet (and the rest of my jewelry collection) safe and dust-free, while I enjoy the organic flow of the Bubbles Necklace and Stream of Bubbles Earrings in this vintage Heath Ceramics bowl from my grandmother.

Pro tip: switching the previous week’s pieces for fresh new ones allows you to enjoy your options without feeling overwhelmed by choices — and encourages you to try new combinations of accessories with your favorite outfits.

6. With a mix of everyday objects from your life

Best if: you enjoy less-formal styling that feels uniquely you, not something from a generic magazine look

I’m inspired by everyday objects as well as art, and I love how styling can bring such disparate things together to create a beautiful, uniquely personal vignette. Here, my Short Fuchsia Earrings rest in a shallow celadon green dish with a tiny flower frog, carefully arranged with my Vine Bracelet, the pruners I use on my houseplants, and a small potted sedum. This is the kind of arrangement I might put together after caring for my plants, and enjoy all week. It looks casual but not messy, like my favorite shelfies.

Pro tip: pay attention to balance and how your objects line up (or don’t!) Here, the curved shapes of the dish and pot are balanced by the curving pruner blades, creating a grouping of three objects (often easier to balance.) The straight line of the necklace adds a modern touch to the styling, and the delicate pattern looks great with these small dangle earrings (just like it does as part of an outfit!)

I hope these ideas inspire you to find new ways to enjoy your art jewelry collection even when you’re not wearing it. Let your own glimpse of beauty bring a little more joy into your day.

Looking for more everyday beauty? See my studio flowers posts to see more of the jewelry vignettes I enjoy in my studio. Or, hunt for a new piece to enjoy in your home!

Missed styling suggestions 1-3 in part 1? Click here!

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